Whats wanted, Whats needed, Whats necessary.

Packing, re packing and packing again can be a long and stressful task, especially when it’s your first season away from your house and home comforts. There are many ways of being a successful packer, but when it comes to packing 6 months of your life into a 67 litre suitcase all skill of packing seems to go out the window. As the daunting task of getting the huge volume of clothes, shoes, swimmers, toiletries and tea (must have) successfully condensed within the weight limit.

I won’t go into the vast array of tea that I will be taking with me however it’s important to keep your home comforts small but close to your heart. I have been informed by friends who do seasonal work regularly that these home comforts are essential when that home sickness come knocking. It’s a daunting reality that it will at some point but I will be prepared to fight it off with my favourite pillow cases, photos of family + friends and trusty childhood teddy bear at hand.

Right. Down to the task of wrestling belongings into a suitcase. As an ex flight attendant I quickly became acute to squishing lots of stuff into tiny spaces. By folding all clothes into a square (or a similar shape) you are able to stack them up next to each other. We have all been told that laying belongings down isn’t space efficient but I find rolling isn’t the most successful trick ether. I found by staking side by side I could squeeze items into every nook and cranny. I always lay a more bulky piece of clothing on top such as a jumper to keep everything in place for when it comes to closing the suitcase together.

Ready… awkward objects. Shoes, by all means cram in all your socks and undies but think for a second. Will these shoes pack flat such as Converse or Toms, stack these the same as your clothes then pad around them with socks and undies. Look at the shape, is it rectangle? Superdooper if so put you Tetris skills to the test. If not then try to decant it into a more manageable shape, as I mentioned earlier I’m taking tea but these don’t need to be transported in there spacious cardboard box so I put them into a ziplock bag to retain freshness but save my precious space.

Last tip, While you pack take into consideration the items you might be able live without, these will be your first port of call when trying to make space for more important items later. Finnish by placing the perfect beach towel over the top of loose items (this will hopefully stop them wiggling around in transit) and close!

17kg and many cups of tea later I’m ready to roll. Have I packed enough for 6 months? We shall see.